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Colea Alterations LLC

Old Cheney Center

5500 Old Cheney Rd Suite 5

Lincoln, NE 68516



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How we came about (the long story)...

By Nicole Lea, (Colea..get it?)

After competing in 4-H for 10 years, I attended the University for Textile & Apparel Design.  To gain experience, I picked up a part-time job at Alterations by Connie.  The summer before my Senior year, I did an internship at an up and coming direct sales women’s clothing brand, Etcetera, in New York City. 

That summer I learned that the fashion industry and New York were not for me.  While I was gone, my alterations boss, Connie had passed suddenly.  The business was for sale.  I chose the entrepreneurial life and purchased the business in October of my senior year of college.  I ran it on a part-time basis until I graduated in May.


Although the fashion industry wasn’t for me, a love of fashion remained.  I opted to become a Stylist for Etcetera in May of 2003.  I host seasonal trunk shows at Colea and invite customers to place orders for exceptional, high quality garments with unique details and luxurious fabrications.

My staff and I love to help others to feel comfortable in their clothes.  

Comfort = Confidence.

Ali is our manager and one of the fastest learners I know!   Ali earned a degree with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Theatre Arts at Nebraska Wesleyan.  You will recognize Ali by the colorful hair!  Ali's experience in sewing and costume design paired with an amiable disposition has proved invaluable.

Corey's background in fine arts with an emphasis in ceramics has been a helpful addition to the team.  Understanding the 3-D form is imperative and Corey can translate this information easily...especially in fitting a garment to all shapes and sizes.


Randi works behind the scenes to provide high quality alterations with a fast turn-around.  Her 30+ years of working in the industry makes her a valued addition to the team.

Summer's friendly, positive disposition is a breath of fresh air!  Her quilting hobby laid an excellent set of base skills to build her alterations skills upon.  Summer is a master fitter and a pro at complex alterations.  Summer's vibe will make your day!

Shyann loves all things artistic.  Whether it's jewelry design, painting, drawing or sewing, her attention to detail is on pointe.  Shyann possesses the perfect skill set for fitting garments, performing alterations and providing top notch customer service.

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